SCONA 2019 will be held on Wednesday June 5th, 2019 in conjunction with Rhinoworld Chicago

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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is emerging as a powerful objective tool in otolaryngology. CFD technology can quantify upper airway physiological functions, including airflow conductance, nasal air conditioning (heating and humidification of inspired air), delivery of odorant molecules to the olfactory epithelium, flow-induced phonation, and delivery of aerosol medications to their target sites. CFD has been applied to investigate the pathophysiology of a wide range of upper airway diseases, including nasal airway obstruction, chronic rhinosinusitis, empty nose syndrome, nasal septal perforations, and laryngotracheal stenosis. One of the most attractive features of CFD technology is the ability to perform virtual surgery and thus to predict how surgical intervention will affect objective measures of upper airway aerodynamics.

The goal of SCONA 2019 is to bring together clinicians and engineers to share their ideas, learn about recent advances in the field, and to facilitate the development and application of CFD technology in sinonasal and laryngeal airway. We will have presentations from leading experts on a range of topics, including advances in virtual surgery planning, diagnosis of nasal airway obstruction via CFD, and optimizing the use of topical medications for more effective treatment of upper airway diseases.

Our conference is being held in conjunction with Rhinoworld Chicago, one of the largest international meetings of rhinologists, otolaryngologists, facial plastic surgeons, and scientists interested in improving treatment of nasal and upper airway diseases. This setting will provide an opportunity for clinicians and engineers to learn from each other and to collaborate towards clinical applications of CFD technology.

As we work to build the conference agenda, please periodically check in here on the conference website for announcements and updates.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

Guilherme Garcia and Dennis Frank-Ito



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REGISTRATION: 07:30AM TO 8:00AM Sheraton Superior Rooms A and B


  • 8:00AM– Convener’s Welcome
  • 8:10AM– John Rhee, Julia KimbellCFD in Rhinology: Clinical motivation and historical perspective
  • 8:30AM– Denis Doorly, Experimental validation of CFD in the nose and upper airways
  • 8:50AM– Chengyu LiCFD validation of nasal airflow under various breathing conditions
  • 9:10AM– Walter KochAutomatic reconstruction of the nasal geometry from CT scans
  • 9:30AM– Dennis Frank-ItoImpact of segmentation uncertainty on CFD variables

MORNING COFFEE (10:00AM – 10:30AM)


  • 10:30AM– Narinder SinghClinical perspective: The importance of objective testing in rhinology
  • 10:45AM– Guilherme GarciaDiagnosis of nasal obstruction via CFD
  • 11:00AM– Manuel BurgosVirtual surgery driven by nondimensional estimators
  • 11:15AM– Masoud Moghaddam,  Virtual septoplasty using CFD
  • 11:30AM– Kai ZhaoNasal obstruction and empty nose syndrome – what are our noses sensing?
  • 11:45AM– Alister BatesModelling respiratory airflow in obstructive sleep apnea with prescribed motion from cine MRI
  • 12:00PM– Goutham Mylavarapu, Personalized surgical planning for obstructive sleep apnea with modeling & simulation

LUNCH (12:15 PM – 1:15 PM)


  • 1:15PM– Ross WalengaCFD modeling of nasally administered drug products in regulatory science research at the US Food and Drug Administration
  • 1:30PM– Kiao InthavongMultiphase flow analysis to improve therapeutic outcomes for treating nasal diseases
  • 1:45PM– Saikat Basu, Exploring nasal sprays positioning to improve targeted drug delivery
  • 2:00PM– Jinxiang XiImproving olfactory targeting: tackling the bottle-neck problem in nose-to-brain drug delivery
  • 2:15PM– Hadrien Calmet,  How to measure sinus ventilation with CFD
  • 2:30PM– David WhiteDistribution, pressure, and shear stress mapping within an anatomically accurate nasal airway model during simulated saline irrigation
  • 2:45PM– Dennis ShustermanNasal nitric oxide (nNO) dynamics and the ostiomeatal complex: Fertile ground for CFD?



  • 3:30PM– Julia KimbellCFD in Rhinology: Where are we and what comes next?
  • 3:45PM– Hillary NewsomeQuantifying airflow limitation due to dynamic lateral nasal wall collapse
  • 4:00PM– Klaus VogtCritical evaluation of methods determining the influence of elasticity of the lateral nasal wall
  • 4:15PM– Manuel BurgosLooking for a relationship between chronic otitis media and nasal obstruction: a CFD analysis
  • 4:30PM– Andrew FraserQuantifying the effect of maxillary skeletal expansion on the airway in adult orthodontic patients using computational fluid dynamics
  • 4:45PM– Trung LeAirflow limitation in a collapsible model of the human pharynx
  • 5:00PM– Kai ZhaoFuture novel targeted treatment options of nasal obstruction and olfactory losses



Registration is now open for SCONA 2019. Registration is via the Rhinoworld website. At the Rhinoworld registration website, you will need to make the following selection:

If you are a Rhinologist (ENT surgeon), you must select to attend BOTH Rhinoworld + SCONA ($1125.00):


If you are an Engineer (Not an ENT Surgeon), you can choose to EITHER attend both events (as above) OR you can choose to attend SCONA-ONLY ($150):


(SCONA Faculty members have separate registration and will be notified directly)

To register, click here now:


SCONA 2019 Chairs:

Guilherme Garcia, Marquette University & the Medical College of Wisconsin
Dennis Frank-Ito, Duke University, School of Medicine

Organizing Committee:

Guilherme Garcia, Marquette University & Medical College of Wisconsin
Dennis Frank-Ito, Duke University, School of Medicine
Kiao Inthavong, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Narinder Singh, University of Sydney, Australia
Eugene Wong, University of Sydney, Australia
Marin Duvnjak, Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Scientific Committee:

Guilherme Garcia, Marquette University & Medical College of Wisconsin
Dennis Frank-Ito, Duke University, School of Medicine
Denis Doorly, Imperial College, London, UK
Kiao Inthavong, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
John Rhee, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
Julia Kimbell, University of North Carolina, USA
Narinder Singh, University of Sydney , Australia


Dr Brent Senior, University of North Carolina, USA
Dr Kai Zhao, Ohio State University, USA
Dr Chengyu Li, Villanova University, USA
Dr Hadrien Calmet, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
Prof Wang De-Yun, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Dr Guilherme Garcia, Marquette University & Medical College of Wisconsin
Dr Dennis Frank-Ito, Duke University, School of Medicine, USA
Dr Jinxiang Xi, California Baptist University, USA
Dr Ross Walenga, US Food Drug Administration, USA

Dr. Walter Koch – University of Graz
Dr. Klaus Vogt
– University of Latvia
Dr Alister Bates University of Cincinnati, USA
Dr Goutham Mylavarapu
University of Cincinnati, USA
Dr Saikat Basu
South Dakota State University, USA
Prof Denis Doorly
, Imperial College, London, UK
Dr Kiao Inthavong, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Dr John Rhee, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
Prof Julia Kimbell, University of North Carolina, USA
Dr Narinder Singh, University of Sydney , Australia


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