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Provisional Program - 22nd April, 2018 - London, UK

The provisional program for SCONA 2018 is listed below. Please join our newsletter to stay informed.

1 Engineering Fundamentals
1.1 Welcome
1.2 Introduction and historical overview
1.3 Acquisition of imaging data
1.4 Constructing the model
1.5 Physiological considerations – flow, surfaces, deformity, temperature, mucosal interface, nasal cycle
1.6 Models of flow (turbulence, steadiness, compressibility)
1.7 Interpreting simulation results
1.8 Software considerations – current and future

2 Simulation and Clinical Implications
2.1 Controversies, challenges and future directions in simulation
2.2 Correlating CFD with objective clinical testing and physical models
2.3 CFD results for airflow in the normal nose
2.4 CFD results for airflow in the normal airway
2.5 Temperature, humidity and olfaction
2.6 Ethnic variation

3 Clinical
3.1 Drug delivery: sprays and rinses
3.2 Septal deviation
3.3 Septal perforation
3.4 Virtual surgery: Modifying the model
3.5 Inferior turbinate surgery and The Empty Nose Syndrome/ Atrophic rhinitis
3.6 The nasal valve
3.7 Sinus surgery
3.8 The airway – pathology and surgery

4 Frontiers and New Research
4.1 CFD modelling: under CPAP and during nasal and oral breathing
4.2 Dimensionless Parameters to distinguish health from disease
4.3 A prospective CFD study assessing Retrosternal Goitres
4.4 Virtual Surgery driven by Nondimensional Estimators
4.5 Frontiers and New Research (TBC)
4.6 Frontiers and New Research (TBC)
4.7 Frontiers and New Research (TBC)
4.8 Frontiers and New Research (TBC)

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